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Visit to the local partner

From the point of view of the effectiveness of the vocational training, for the the Travel and Tourism students, attaches great importance to its local partners participating in the dual training. Every year, the school organizes its career orientation day, during which the students visit the places of practical training and get to know the school's dual partners, the hotels, guesthouses, and restaurants in and around Sárvár. The 9th grade students, accompanied by the head teacher Gyöngyi Biczóné Binder, took part in a hotel visit in Ensana Thermal Sárvár.

The class was welcomed and greeted by Henrik István, the hotel manager of Ensana Thermal Sárvár, in a warm, friendly atmosphere in the lobby. During the "house tour", Gerard van Waarden led the class around. The students got to know the equipment of the rooms, the treatment rooms, the pools and the kitchen. The students were treated to cakes and soft drinks in the restaurant. The "future caterers" could observe the way the tables were set, the uniforms of the waiters, and the buffet in the restaurant. These professional observations served as a practical reinforcement of the theoretical curriculum.


Valéria Szalai

vocational teacher

VVSZC Sarvar Technical Secondary School for Tourism


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