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Visiting Budapest Marriott Hotel

Before the Christmas break, on 19 December, the class 10.T of Sárvári Technical School of Tourism travelled to Budapest. One of the highlights of the day trip was the visit to Budapest Marriott Hotel*****.

Rima Pradhan, Event Planning Manager and Talent Acquisition of EMEA Marriott International, who I met in November during the GTTP Student Conference, helped me find a contact in Budapest Marriott and introduced me to Zsuzsanna Nagy, Multi-property Director of Human Resources. We were able to set the time of the visit in a few emails. At 1:30 pm Csilla Varga, Multi-property Director of Training welcomed us and led us to a conference room where we were offered some snacks, coffee, tea and mineral water.

Ms Varga made a fantastic presentation, she shared information about the history of the hotel and also about the features and location of the building.  We got to know details about the rooms and the famous guests. The briefing was modern, including short videos so this made the students pay more attention. It was a pleasure to see them happy and interested. Finally, Csilla Varga talked about the career options in the hotel chain then she gave us a short tour around. We were shown the M Club Lounge with a Danube panorama, a room and an enormous ball room that was already set up for a company Christmas event.

The special scent of the hotel and the whole five-star atmosphere of the rooms were both inspiring and amazing.

Horváthné Tischler Noémi

class teacher



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